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Cambridge Chamber of Commerce has launched a new initiative to foster individual and collective growth, forge cohesive partnerships and engage local businesses. The programme encourages any local business to sign up to become a Local Business Champion and Xpert Resourcing are excited to have done so! The initiative is open to all businesses irrespective of size and whether they are a Chamber member or not.

Local Business Champions are representatives of any business in our region that want to be part of a community that drives activities for the benefit of the whole community, that want to play a part in the success of our local economy, and are committed to working collectively to promote and drive the economy forward.

As a company, Xpert Resourcing is looking forward to bringing sector knowledge and experience in the community, partaking in discussions that help identify growth and assist in overcoming barriers benefiting the whole community. Regular round table meetings will take place, along with polls, policy issue consultations to support development and delivery of activities in the local area. The inaugural meeting took place on Thursday 23rd July, regular meetings of Local Business Champions will take place where each member can keep up to date with developments. 

Every business has a contribution to make, and as a Local Business Champion each business can stay informed, tap into assistance from other local businesses and provide support so what are you waiting for?!





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