Monday, 30 November 2020 14:03

Old School Tech - Can it Help your Business?

Text messaging has been around since 1992 - almost 28 years since the very first text message was sent! Can you believe it?! Text Messaging has significantly changed since those first messages were sent, initially designed for telephone engineers to communicate. Messaging has morphed into more than just words with multi media messaging and emojis becoming the norm. Technology advances so quickly and becomes out of date, sometimes within weeks but "old skool" text messaging appears to have stood the test of time, proving to be an effective form of quick communication.

Comparably, email communication is fast paced, sometimes intense, however, according to one automatic email marketing provider a staggering 79% of emails are never opened in certain sectors. Most of us are bombarded with emails each and every day, most of which sit unopened in our inboxes. 

Many businesses like ourselves are increasingly finding that text messages are a simple but effective way to communicate. Who would have thought a good old fashioned text would be so effective smoothing the path of the recruitment process for example. With text messages being opened and read within seconds compared to a 90 minute response rate on a email, this way of communicating certainly speeds engagement. Text messages also offer a much more personal touch to the communication so what is not to love?!

Do you utilise text messaging in your business? As a business, Xpert Resourcing and our Specialist Recruiters have been using text messaging for quite a while now. We appreciate candidates and clients alike are busy, commitments can make taking and receiving telephone calls difficult and even time restrictive so a quick, brief message is a very easy and effective way to deliver and receive information. 

How to Make the Most from SimpleText Messaging

A simple text message can easily confirm your company details, provide a simple thank you message following a phone call or a meeting. Confirmation of appointment or interview times and dates can be easily corroborated, all of which have a higher chance of reaching and being retained by the candidate. Reminders can be quickly requested as can follow up information and document requests. 

A quick text message can keep your audience engaged and interested in your business or service. They can give your company an edge over competitors and show just how approachable you are. High volume texting has never been easier and can be integrated into a CRM system for example. Template messages can be added to your system.

Points to Remember

  • Good grammar
  • GDPR regulations
  • Suitability 

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