Monday, 21 September 2020 10:10

International Week of Happiness at Work

International Happiness At Work Week 21-27 September 2020

Happiness at Work Pays off!

This week (21st -27th September) has been christened "International Week of Happiness at Work". We spend a lot of time at work and with our colleagues so it is important to be happy when we are there. The effects of being happy at work can impinge on our home life, helping us to be better parents, neighbours and friends! Science has proved the happier we are at work, the happier our life will be as a whole. A happy employee equates to more productivity, flexibility, resilience, creativity, making happier customer and better working colleagues. Wouldn't we all want this?! Of course we would!

We don't have to be happy at the time but working towards a happier work place is a shared responsibility from both employer and employee. Why not put "Happiness at Work" on your work place agenda, try a brainstorming session with employees or employer and see how you can make your workplace a happier one?

Tips for being Happy at Work

  • Organise a discussion based around what makes you happy at work
  • Take lunch with your colleagues, not just at your desk
  • Organise drinks after work
  • Invite an inspirational speaker to talk to your staff
  • Start an initiative to give positive feedback to colleagues
  • Send a Postcard to a colleague to thank them for their help or tell them how awesome they are
  • Write a team manifesto
  • Sign up to the International Happiness at Work challenge this week

Happiness at work is about meaningful work, healthy relationships, development, and having fun. And about stopping unnecessary rules, power play, complicated processes and procedures, absenteeism, unmotivated colleagues, and terrible managers. See how important it is! 

Let’s create a workplace to stimulate fun, appreciation, positive feedback, awesome challenges, trust, meaningful results and own responsibilities. Let us, as employees, employers entrepreneurs, organizations, and especially as human beings work together to make happiness at work the norm and not the exception.

If we all take a step, we can make a big change. Are you in?

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