Tuesday, 07 July 2020 14:02

What price do you put on your time?

How much is your time worth? How much is your time worth?

How much is your time worth?

We have all heard the old adage "Time is Money" and time like money is surely worth saving, right? Our time is our only one non-renewable resource! We can make more money, we can buy more things, create new relationships, start new careers but we can never go back in time!

As a busy professional, how do you feel about these questions;

  • Should you pay for a professional service that you could undertake yourself such as recruitment?
  • What price do you put on your time?

We've put together some bullet points to discuss how a recruitment agency can save you both time and and resources securing the right personnel; 

How can a Recruitment Agency save you time?

  • Quicker turnaround to fill vacancies which in turn leads to better efficiency within your organisation
  • Only correctly qualified candidates are presented due to prior screening, filtering and profiling, this saves you the time screening applications, speeding up the on-boarding process
  • A good Recruitment Specialist will have shortlisted the best candidates for the role which means you only interview the most suitable and qualified personnel for the position
  • The way in which Recruitment Agencies advertise roles means a quicker route to the best candidates on the market
  • Niche and specific roles are never a problem due to the consultant's expertise and access to candidate databases providing only the most suitable candidates

How can a Recruitment Agency save you money?

  • Costs to advertise can be very expensive especially if a role is very specific or niche
  • Low cost adverts on job sites can appear to save you money but in the long can often prove to have the opposite effect
  • Ensure the job description accurately reflects the role, advice and support will always be given where required
  • Recruitment Agencies offer a candidate guarantee should the person be unsuitable or decide to leave within a short period of time
  • Agencies have pre-existing access to what can be costly national job boards putting you in front of the best candidates in the market
  • A Recruitment Specialist is ideally placed to advise on salary benchmarks

As specialist recruiters at Xpert Resourcing, we pride ourselves on taking a thorough consultative approach to understanding your business, its culture, and the role(s) available within your business. Our specialists have a combined 40 years experience in the recruitment industry and have built up an excellent reputation with both clients and candidates. Our consultative approach enables us to connect with and attract the best candidates in the market ensuring as a client you are only presented with candidates that are the most suitable. We do not hard sell nor do we supply you with bundles of CV's.

Why not reach out and try our services for your next role? It costs nothing to try our recruitment services until we find the perfect candidate for you!

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