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How to have a Successful Video Interview

 With more employers opting to use digital communication to conduct interviews it is vital to understand how they work and be well prepared.

Once your specialist consultant at Xpert Resourcing has confirmed you have successfully passed the first stage of the application process and been selected for a first interview, you may be asked to do this interview by video call.  Many companies are currently electing to continue their recruitment process via this method. It may seem a daunting process, especially if you haven’t used such platforms before. Don’t panic, we have put a few tips together to use as a guide. 



There are a wide range of platforms for video calling – the most popular are FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts. Larger companies may use Cisco Webex 

Once you have agreed the preferred platform, it would be wise to ensure you are easily able to access that platform well in advance. It is advisable to also agree the format of the interview and for you to be clear what that is. For some platforms, you will receive an email invitation to join the interview at the agreed time. 



Live – You will engage with the interviewer or panel of interviewers just like you would be face-to-face, therefore good body language and positioning is vital. Questions will be posed in real-time allowing for a traditional interview to take place. Treat these conversations just the same as a face-to-face interview and try to build a rapport with the interviewer as you normally wouldEye contact is vital to highlight your confidence so keep your camera at eye level.  Try not to slouch or keep touching your face or hair. This type of interview may be recorded but that will be agreed in advance. 

Pre-Recorded - try to imagine you are speaking to a real person - be positive and enthusiastic. You will receive pre-recorded or written questions on screen, you will record your answer on video, often to a time limit. It can feel a little awkward, so practise is very important if you aren’t used to recording yourself. Again, eye contact is vital to showcase your confidence, pointing the camera at eye level.  



Plan the location well in advance using a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed by noise, people or pets! Good lighting is important so the interviewer can read your expressions clearly, sit near natural light or place a lamp in front of the camera and adjust the distance for the best result. Ensure you have a simple background in a clean and tidy room so that the focus for the interviewer is just you. Switch your phone and any notification sounds on your device off.  


Sound and Connectivity  

Check there is minimal background noise in the room you choose to ensure you can be heard without difficulty. It may be good to test this well in advance so you can reduce echoes, sitting in a room with a carpet for example would minimise this.  

Connectivity is vital, there is a need to ensure you will not face any issues from a poor internet connection or data issues. Test your internet connection beforehand to ensure you will not be cut off. 

Ensure the picture is clear and your battery is well charged or plugged in. If you do encounter a problem, do let the interviewer know so that it can be quickly resolved with minimum distraction. If need be you can quickly re-connect.  


Dress Appropriately 

This is still a job interview and it is important for you to give a positive, professional first impression so wear the same outfit you would choose for a face-to-face meeting with a prospective employer, appropriate for the role. Try to avoid busy patterns and stripes for a clear picture on screen.  


Smile, speak clearly and take your time to answer questions.

Being prepared is key and will eliminate a degree of stress.


Your dedicated consultant at Xpert Resourcing will happily arrange a test interview to ensure you, your sound, connectivity and location are projected in the best way possible. Please get in touch with us on 01353 886252 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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