Friday, 07 February 2020 10:24

CV Writing Tips

Your CV is often the very first impression that recruiters and potential employers have of you, the candidate. It is therefore imperative that your CV is an honest reflection of you and your experience. It is also important to ensure that you do the basics well and that attention is paid to the details.  Spell checking, grammar checking, tense checking and a full read through before sending a CV anywhere are a must. One of the most frustrating things for recruiters and employers to come across is a CV full of great experience but also full of mistakes and lazy writing. It undermines what may otherwise be an impressive CV and raises doubts about the candidate. Take your time to get these things right to avoid looking like you have rushed it. 

Everyone tends to have a basic, generic CV but a candidate who is keen to make a good impression will take time to make their CV relevant both to the role and to the company/industry they are applying to. Make sure you read the job description and your CV reflects what is being asked for.

Aim to make your CV concise, avoiding the use of unnecessary words. People want to be able to quickly read through a CV and gather relevant information rather than feel like they are wading through a lot of words that are of little use. Brevity is your friend! The use of unnecessarily complicated language or phrases can make it difficult for the reader and can even distract from the valuable information you really want them to see. 

Finally, it is always worth having someone else read though your CV before you send it anywhere. Mistakes are easy to miss, especially when you spend so long working on a document.

These things may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many people don’t take the time to get them right.


Written by Nikki Walsh


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